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Apple Daily (Chinese: 蘋果日報)Oriental Daily News (Chinese: 東方日報)Ming Pao (Chinese: 明報)Hong Kong Economic Times (Chinese: 香港經濟日South China Morning PostHeadline Daily (Chinese: 頭條日報)Sing Tao (Chinese: 星島日報Hong Kong Economic Journal (Chinese: 信報財經Sun (Chinese: 太阳报)AM730The Standard (In English)Hong Kong Commercial Daily (Chinese: 香港商報)PassionTimesFinancial Times (online edition in Chinese)Wen Wei Po (Chinese: 文匯報)Metro Broadcastnews.gov.hkTa Kung Pao (Chinese: 大公報)inmediahk.netHong Kong Free PressSing Pao Daily News (Chinese: 成報)Sky PostRTHKKung Kao Po (Chinese: 公教報)Sunday ExaminerWednesday Journalkrt.com.hkAAStocksDiscuss Forumbastillepost.comET NetTelevision Broadcasts (TVB)Google news Hong KongYahoo news Hong KongHong Kong PostBBC News - Hong KongBBC News - Hong KongBusiness | SCMPYahoo! Sports (雅虎香港體育)Sina Sports (新浪體育)

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